Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s University is a prestigious University, which encourages students to excel in academics, volunteer work, and leadership positions. Saint Joe’s is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which embodies community and great opportunities to explore the historic city. This city allows for a variety of food and community events for a great study break. This school offers a diverse selection of majors and minors one can choose from.

I am a junior at Saint Joe’s, majoring in Marketing and a minoring in Communications. Marketing is within the Haub School of Business, which explores the opportunities one can take on after four years spent at Saint Joe’s. These classes entail real life scenarios and challenge us to create brand extensions or a new product line to embed class concepts. On the other hand, within the Communications minor, we study what is happening in the society through media and how it has impacted our life today. Communications is about how communities are formed and how communities communicate to enhance their community function. We have also read about the impact technology has had within our communities which has caused a shift in power. This study has allowed us to take a closer look on how media has changed the scale and pace of communication through the medium that is being enhanced through the community.

In addition, we have worked in groups to innovate story ideas and create detailed posts to share the latest news that has happened on Saint Joe’s campus. The platform which displays our work throughout the semester is Hawk Chill. These post exemplify the techniques we have learned in class to reach our audience and write a compelling post.

COM 200 Portfolio

“The Great Grocery Debate”

One of the post that displays a variety of techniques, that we learned in COMM 200, is the post titled “The Great Grocery Debate”. This post can be located under the “taste” category on Hawk Chill, because we discuss the differences and preferences between grocery stores near Saint Joe’s campus. This post is highly beneficial to our audience because as they begin to live off campus, they are in need of grocery shopping. This post will allow them to get a further idea on which store they prefer and which store best suits their needs. We outlined this page by introducing our topic, then listing the four grocery stores we focused on; Target, Giant, ACME, and Whole Foods.

Once we introduced our post, we went into detail about what they have to offer, their location, Saint Joe’s student’s reactions to their preference of store, and further information that can influence a shopper. The clear break down of topics displays a clear message to our audience on what we are going to talk about in our post, which followed with further details about each option. In addition, the strongest piece about this post was embedding outside sources on to our post. This specific use of technique elevated our post to offer more information about the benefit in choosing a grocery store. For example, when we discussed the option of shopping at Giant, located in Wynnewood, this advised our audience reasons behind college student’s motivations for shopping. On the other hand, when we discussed the option of shopping at Whole Foods, we embedded an outside source that would exemplify a balanced nutrition, which suggested specific items to buy at the grocery store. This article was relevant to this grocery store because one could find these recommended products here. For this reason, the enhancement of outside resources strengthened our post to provide our audience with more information on how to choose a grocery store that would suit them best.

This post was direct and informative to display the reasons that differentiate these grocery stores near Saint Joseph’s campus. However, we could have improved this post by linking an additional article onto the descriptions of ACME and Target. Our goal on this post was to help our readers gain as much information that would help them choose a grocery store that would best fit their interests. For this reason, we could have chosen to add an article in all of the descriptions. Although the articles that we did post can easily correspond to the other grocery stores, it still would have been beneficial to display as much information as possible.


“Spring Is On Its Way”

The post, “Spring Is On Its Way”, is listed under the “school” category in Hawk Chill. This post describes Saint Joe’s students anxiously waiting for the warm weather to approach us. We have had a very long winter here on Hawk Hill and are ready to study outside. We embedded a video to display Saint Joe’s students testimonies about whether they like studying outside and if they do what do they enjoy and not enjoy about their experience. In addition, in the video, we exemplified the struggles of studying outside on a beautiful day. For this reason, after our video was displayed, we listed several reasons one could adapt to studying outside.

The video allowed us to give our audience a visual of studying outside on Saint Joe’s campus. Our viewers can really enjoy the beautiful campus that we have; however, the set backs from having your pages fly away to a glare on a computer screen may persuade a student to avoid from studying outside. On the other hand, we are eagerly waiting for the warm weather so we will do anything to soak in the sun. This is why we followed our video with a few tips to an enjoyable studying session out on “Barb Beach”. Our video incorporated J and L cuts to display a variety of transitions from audio to picture. For example, when we started the video, we began with audio behind the picture, then continued the audio into the young man’s video of him speaking, exemplifying a J-cut. Once we made an L-cut, we transitioned the young girls speaking, to a display of the struggles that students experienced while studying outside. In addition, these shots were very strong and creative because when we displayed someone having trouble looking down at their computer screen, the angle that the camera was placed on lead its attention to the image through the lines from the picnic table. Creating this video was valuable in giving our audience a visual idea of how a student may experience studying outside.

On the other hand, we could have improved on getting more footage to exemplify a successful studying session outside while incorporating the tips given.  Also, we could have had other students share their personal testimonies on using the suggested advice to that would help them have a successful study break. This footage would have enhanced our video by showing a vivid example of what students can do when they are oping to have a successful studying session outside.  All in all, this post displayed a clear message and the content enhanced each story idea with visuals and a clear perspective.


“What do Saint Joe’s Students do in Manayunk?”

Our group got assigned to write under the category of “study break” and we knew exactly what to write about. Manayunk is a small town not too far from campus and it offers a variety of restaurants to choose from and activities. Not only is Manayunk a great place to enjoy a nice brunch for when your parents come to visit, but it is recognized by its night life for college students. Our post,  “What do St. Joe’s Students do in Manayunk?” , explores Mananyunk through visuals, recommendations, and student’s reactions to their experiences. Our strongest piece about this post is the organized and clear format to display a clear post in order to easily dictate what was being discussed.

This post excelled it its creative photography and clear break down of the content. We organized our post by introducing our topic, then adding a picture to describe the next topic, a student’s reaction, and a thorough write up of recommendations for that specific category. The three categories that we focused on were food, drinks, and shopping. We asked students what they enjoyed doing in Manayunk, and their experiences led us to focus on these topics. The organization of this post was significant to give our audience an idea of what to expect from going to Manayunk just by skimming this post from looking at the subtitles. Our collaboration on this post allowed us to create a coherent post which exemplified  a clear layout to follow when looking for a study break near Saint Joe’s.

Although the format of this post is strong, we could have improved on writing a coherent post by editing the writing itself and embedding sources into each recommendation. This strategy would have strengthened our post by giving more information to our audience and have it be easier for them to locate, by clicking “more information here”. However, I learned that the format to a post enhances the overall performance of the post to help the reader become engaged in the post because it is easy to read. In addition, I learned that although a post can be strong from the surface due to its elaborate detail on each category, going back to edit the post makes it so much stronger. Overall, this post was very strong due to its appealing format and detailed content to deliver our message to the students of Saint Joe’s.